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Doc Martin, ITV
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26th-Mar-2008 08:15 pm - Steal Louisa's style
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Amazon.co.uk sent me an offer concerning Boden, an online British clothing store. I was surprised to find pretty, summery clothing in its women's range that looked like it had come straight out of Louisa's wardrobe. Take a look.

Some pieces are certainly very covetable, but I normally favour a 'cheap-looking' trashier style. ;)
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Doc Martin has been screening on Australian TV for four months straight now, yet it never ceases to be fresh, hilarious, and ever so slightly subversive. And now my favourite ship looks set to sail! Oh, my tears of joy.

Spoilers for S03E01 and a lot of squawking.Collapse )

So, any thoughts? Was that episode fantastic, or just super duper? Hard choice, I know.
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Spotlight on Joe Absolom

'It was also a different part for me and a step away from the ones I had played before, as the last three jobs were period pieces, so it was good to get back to doing something in the present day.'

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What's up, doc? Rabbiting on with Martin clunes

"He's so wrong, in every way," says Martin of his alter ego.

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21st-Mar-2008 06:34 pm - S2 icons
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[1-20] Doc Martin S2 icons
[21-30] Basic Instinct 2 icons (David Morrissey and David Thewlis)


The rest here @ specklish.
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Welcome to docmartin_itv, a brand new fan community for the ITV series starring Martin Clunes as its eponymous grump. Series 4 is yet to go into production, but that doesn't mean we can't have good, wholesome fun in the meantime. Series 3 is due to premiere on Australian telly tomorrow evening, so we'll be able to kick off some meaningful discussion ("Does Martin own a T-shirt? Should I send one to him?"). In fact, your humble mod is an Aussie who would like to remain unsullied for as long as possible, and so begs everyone to keep S3 spoilers under a cut for the sake of non-UK viewers. I don't know how long we should enforce this policy - it would be great if non-UK members could tell us when Doc Martin is screening in their country, so we know when to tread lightly.

Shortly, I'll be posting some icons and articles, but my icons are crap and it would be great if we could have more more more fanart, fic, everything!

I need your help. I want you to: JOIN, pimp this comm to your friends, pimp the show to your friends, pimp your car ... and have fun. :)
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